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BigFoot Storage XXCold

Do you have masses of data which are accessed rarely?

Are you wasting expensive capacity in your storage system because you have to ensure data can be retrieved at all times? Create resources with BigFoot XXCold!

BigFoot Storage XXCold is genuine cold storage. 384 TB bundled in 4U gives you all the options for storing your huge volumes of data economically. Swap out what you do not need on a daily basis. The system will switch off automatically after a set time but is available again when needed within a short period. All components switch into standby mode. The integrated, highly flexible fan management system also optimises the internal flow of air according to load and at the exact location required. This can cut your electricity costs by up to 75 percent.

Facilitate your requirements!

BigFoot Storage XXCold is a solution with enough space for archive storage, fitting all requirements and every budget! So go ahead and benefit from lower costs, more storage space, higher quality and even from larger flexibility.

Rear Side

2,5" Hot Swap SSD for OS

BigFoot Storage XXCold

Unrivalled archiving!

Server and storage systems are very often not shut down as stored data must be accessible at all times. However, this leads to the archiving problem that systems are kept up and running although the stored data are seldom accessed. BigFoot Storage XXCold puts an end to this!

Whether for long-term archiving, in libraries or in businesses – data accessed extremely infrequently can now be given their own special place in the data center thanks to BigFoot Storage XXCold. Your benefits: you free up precious resources on your existing storage systems and thus save hard cash on your operating costs.


High Capacity

Up to 288TB with 48x 6TB SAS/SATA archive storage

Great partnerships for bigger business

Combining quality and know-how

For BigFoot Storage XXCold we’re working together with market-leading companies. By choosing this solution, you profit by our extensive know-how in development and construction of specialized systems for data centers. Our experience as well as our partnerships with Intel, AMD, WD, Supermicro, LSI and many others are always ensuring the best solutions for your business. BigFoot Storage XXCold is compatible to nearly every operating system and not tied up with any particular software.


Lowest powerconsumption

Eight-Core CPU and intelligent powermanagement

Get BigFoot Storage XXCold today and you benefit from superior performance, lower cost, large scalability, a maximum of flexibility and great security – just in the blink of an eye!

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