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BigFoot Storage XXFast

Maximum performance for big data requirements

Data transfer rates and data volumes are subject to increasing challenges on a daily basis. Reach the highest level with BigFoot Storage XXFast Performance! The world's first 96 x 2.5" HDDs in only 4U, the 12 Gb/s SAS architecture and up to six additional SSDs as cache are what makes this possible. Speed is optimally combined with a packing density of up to 192 TB. The result is perfectly matched components delivering maximum performance in a standard 1,000 mm (40”) rack.

Facilitate your requirements!

BigFoot Storage XXFast is a combined solution with enough space for server and storage, fitting all requirements and every budget – not only for your business but also for your work as a data center! So go ahead and benefit from lower costs, more storage space, higher quality and even from larger flexibility.  

Rear Side

2 x 2,5" SSD for OS + 4 x 2,5" SSD for optional cache

BigFoot Storage XXFast

Achieve maximum performance!

Fast, faster, XXFast: step on the gas with BigFoot Storage XXFast! This unique solution can be deployed as fail-safe shared storage for virtual machines, as flexible cloud storage and also in the field of high-performance computing (HPC). And if you want even more, you can take advantage of BigFoot Storage XXFast's complete flexibility to achieve genuine maximum performance. The best thing is that despite the wide range of uses, you can achieve considerable cost savings.

Maximum performance

Up to 192TB with 96 x 2TB SAS/SATA high-performance storage

Great partnerships for bigger business

Combining quality and know-how

For BigFoot Storage XXCold we’re working together with market-leading companies. By choosing this solution, you profit by our extensive know-how in development and construction of specialized systems for data centers. Our experience as well as our partnerships with Intel, AMD, WD, Supermicro, LSI and many others are always ensuring the best solutions for your business. BigFoot Storage XXFast is compatible with nearly every operating system and not tied up with any particular software.


Get BigFoot Storage XXFast today and you benefit from superior performance, lower cost, large scalability, a maximum of flexibility and great security – just in the blink of an eye!

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