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Architecture is more than an angle, calculation and material. Architecture also is sharp mind, courage and the will to create something new. What applies to buildings, also applies to the server and storage business. Rausch Netzwerktechnik is your architect for the best solution!

Since 1998 we consider ourselves as your reliable partner, solution provider and developer, enabling technology innovations. Organizations as well as data centers around the globe trust in our standard and individual solutions to advance their business – we have already implemented more than 250,000 systems in a precisely fitting manner.

And we even go a step further: Based on hardware of our own or of our long-time partners, we chose the right software for the operation of your server or storage cluster and build tailor-made solutions –delivery, launch and support are included as well!

Customized Solutions

Exactly what you need!

It’s obvious: the right product is important to improve your business. But what’s worth a great product without the matching know-how? Rausch Netzwerktechnik is the missing piece: With the expertise of our consultants we ensure that you’ll always get a system that serves your needs.

You can count on that!

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