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BigFoot Storage Flash 2/52

Higher density as fast as lightening!

Tear-0-Flash-Only-Storage is expensive? With BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash, Rausch Netzwerktechnik does away with this prejudice forever!

Rely on 52 SSDs that are delivering the maximum of performance in only 2U. Higher density, data throughput like lightening, a SSD storage with up to 208TB and up to 8 PCIe cards: As an All-Flash-System, BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash really accelerates! And of course it offers different possibilities of an individual configuration.

Facilitate your requirements!

BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash is your solution with enough space for enormous amounts of data that is needed consistently and without any interruptions. The storagesystem is fitting all your requirements and every budget. So go ahead and benefit from lower costs, higher density and significant performance enhancements in the best quality possible – and even from larger flexibility.

Maximum performance

up to 168Gbit/s sustained random read throughput

Storage and data access in sonic speed!

Especially in scopes as High-Performance-Computing (HPC), Big Data, Video-Streaming or a Tear-0-Storage it is important to access and use data as well as applications very fast at any time.

BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash caters for your ability to work: Tremendous amounts of storage can be filed or called up very quickly, without blowing up usual rack sizes. More than 2 million IOPS are possible – it’s in your own hands!

Great partnerships for better business

Combining quality and know-how

For BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash we’re working together with market-leading companies. By choosing this solution, you profit by our extensive know-how in development and construction of specialized systems for data centers. Our experience as well as our partnerships with Intel, AMD, WD, Supermicro, LSI and many others are always ensuring the best solutions for your business. BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash is compatible with nearly every operating system and not tied up with any particular software.

Easy access

Front panel with USB-Port

Get BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash today and benefit from superior performance, highest density and fair prices – just in the blink of an eye!

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