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BigFoot Storage Object

Are your storage systems reaching their limit?

Forget CPUs, mainboards and controllers and simply select the appropriate interface instead. With its BigFoot Storage Object platform, available with immediate effect, Rausch Netzwerktechnik is the first European manufacturer to offer a storage platform featuring two 1Gb/s Ethernet interfaces integrated in each HDD. Get an incredible packing density of 72 HDDs with a total of 288 TB in a single 4U chassis. In this way you can increase your storage volume to an impressive 2.8 petabyte per rack. And, what is more, each HDD has its own IP address to enable direct communication with the device

Facilitate your requirements!

BigFoot Storage Object is the perfect solution for the most flexible object-based storage for your mass of data! It fits your requirements and every budget - simply with the right interface at the right time! So go ahead and benefit from lower costs, more storage space, higher quality and even from larger flexibility.  

Rear Side

18x 1Gb/s Lan Ports for HDD-connectivity + 1x IPMI

BigFoot Storage Object

Unlimited storage capacity scalability

Whether media businesses with large files that need to be accessed fast or e-commerce systems, data centers, archiving systems or cloud storage - BigFoot Storage Object is the right solution. Massive scalability and location independence provided by direct access to the individual device over the network are the major differences to conventional architectures. Central management enables you to administer your data and hard drives. Scalability made easy - simply extend your system by adding additional HDDs. You have the space, after all. Incidentally, BigFoot Storage Object can cut your total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent compared with conventional systems.

High Capacity

72x Seagate Kintetic HDD with 288TB capacity

Great partnerships for bigger business

Combining quality and know-how

For BigFoot Storage Object we’re working together with market-leading companies like Seagate. By choosing this solution, you profit by our extensive know-how in development and construction of specialized systems for data centers. Our experience as well as our partnerships with Intel, AMD, WD, Supermicro, LSI and many others are always ensuring the best solutions for your business.


Get BigFoot Storage Object today and you benefit from superior performance, lower cost, large scalability, a maximum of flexibility and great security – just in the blink of an eye!

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