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Sasquatch SDS | Quobyte Cluster

Lightning Fast and Massively Scalable Storage

Quobyte’s software turns standard server hardware into a highly-available data center file system. Built around a high-performance parallel file system core, Quobyte supports all workloads from classical file system use cases like HPC, filers and archival to high-performance block storage for virtual machines and databases. Data is kept safe and available with end-to-end checksumming, replication and erasure coding and is accessible via local mount point for Linux and Windows, NFS, HDFS or S3.
One of Quobyte’s key features is its scalability: start with four nodes and scale out to entire data centers while letting Quobyte’s built-in fault-tolerance transparently handle most hardware problems.


  • Unified storage for block storage (VMs and databases), NFS, HDFS and S3
  • Massively scalable: from four nodes to entire data centers
  • Policy-based data placement allows partitioning, isolation, and tiering
  • Complete with hardware inventory management, monitoring, console and API
Sasquatch SDS | Data Center File System
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