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Tormenta Megacore Bladesystem

Mega-performance at minimum cost!

160 Cores, 640 GB RAM and 80 TB HDD in 2 RUs – these are the impressive performance values of Tormenta! The blade system in the smallest of spaces is supplied with the latest Intel 8-core server CPUs. Each module comes fully equipped as well: two 2,5" drive bays, ECC RAM, VGA-, USB-, serial-, IPMI- and two 1GB/s-interfaces are supplied as standard. The Tormenta Megacore Blade System from Rausch Netzwerktechnik gives you a complete package in a compact amount of space.

Facilitate your requirements!

Tormenta Megacore Blade System is a combined solution with enough power for server and storage, fitting all requirements and every budget for your business or data center! So go ahead and benefit from lower costs, more storage space, higher quality and even from larger flexibility.

Rear Side

20x Blade with 2x 1Gb/s Lan-ports + serial port

Tormenta Megacore Blade System

A new era for cloud platforms, servers and HPC

Dedicated servers, cloud platforms and high-performance computing require enormous amounts of space and electricity in order to perform their tasks reliably and without interruption. This results in high costs of operation. The Tormenta Megacore Blade System heralds a new era!

This powerhouse is the right solution for you if you are looking for full performance combined with reduced costs. You can minimize complexity in your data center while retaining every option to expand flexibly. You can choose to fit out only part of the housing and then scale up to the full rack version. You can flout the conventional laws of computing and take advantage of almost infinite possibilities with up to 3,200 cores, 12,800 GB of RAM and 1,600 TB of HDD capacity per rack!



Intelligent high efficient airflow control

Great partnerships for bigger business

Combining quality and know-how

For Tormenta Megacore Blade System we’re working together with our long-time partner Intel. By choosing this solution, you profit by our extensive know-how in development and construction of specialized systems for data centers. Our experience as well as our partnerships with market-leading companies like AMD, Seagate, WD, Supermicro, LSI and many others are always ensuring the best solutions for your business. Tormenta Megacore Blade System is compatible to nearly every operating system and not tied up with any particular software.

High density

Blades with 8 cores, up to 32GB ECC-RAM and up to 2x 2TB SATA HDD

Get your Tormenta Megacore Blade System today and benefit from superior performance, lower cost and a great security – just in the blink of an eye!

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