Reasons for commitment

Reasons for commitment

Do you need reasons for doing good? When it costs tens of thousands of euros, it at least requires conviction.
RNT Rausch Managing Director Sebastian Nölting is convinced that education is one of the supporting pillars of every country, every economy and above all, every life. Only when “equal opportunities for all” also applies to education does everybody have the opportunity to create a basis for a good future.

In Germany, various organisations and above all state institutions ensure that children can go to school, learn and develop further. There are trained teachers, sheltered buildings, tutoring, support for individual interests and talents are promoted. An interest in technology? It may start late but it does start.

In other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, things are quite different. There are schools here, but far too few and too far away from remote villages. Moreover, parents cannot afford to send their children to school because their labour is needed to earn money. Clear rules, clear time plans? No, not at all.

RNT Rausch has started to change this and indeed from our deepest conviction.

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