Distribution in Corona times: RNT Rausch in the kitchens of this world

Distribution in Corona times: RNT Rausch in the kitchens of this world

The whole world is currently in the same boat,: everyone is facing the Corona pandemic and the challenges it poses. However, that does not mean that every country is dealing with it in the same way. RNT Rausch employs colleagues in Sweden and Great Britain, among others, who report on their new living conditions.

Graham Norbury has been working as International Business Development Manager for RNT Rausch for many years, but has never moved his life centre from Great Britain to Germany. “For me the changeover was not so drastic because of Corona,” he reports. “I’ve always had my office at home, I’ve always worked with video calls and so on, so I’ve been communicating a lot with colleagues and customers digitally for a long time and I’ve done my job that way”.

People buy from people

Selling complex business solutions often benefits from in person, face to face meetings; the current climate these are not possible. “Non-verbal communication with customers and colleagues is more important than you might think. Many conversations would be much easier in person and contract negotiations would be quicker. I have many good video calls they just miss that intangible something else!” Graham also sees positive aspects: “All over the world, people are now looking at alternative working methods, the home office is gaining more acceptance and even when the dog barks, the child screams or the parcel carrier rings in the background: It’s okay for now. “In addition, you can now see parts of life that would otherwise probably have remained hidden from you. I’ve never been in so many virtual kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms as in the past weeks!”

Using time for future plans

Christofer Odehammar, Vice President of Global Distribution, has a similar situation in Karlskrona, Sweden. He says: “You notice that everything is progressing a little more slowly and that you have less contact with the decision-makers you would otherwise have met at events or in person”. He now simply uses the time to make plans and prepare concrete topics so that he can start right away when the situation allows it again. “Because everyone feels this way, we also work together much more intensively internally and develop ideas and concepts for the near future together.” The fact that this works is thanks to the forward thinking of RNT Rausch: The technical conditions for this form of cooperation are standard here, the trust in the colleagues is also given in the home office and the order situation is still good. This also gives the team abroad security and the cohesion? Strengthened digitally at breakfast together.

Every country has its own rules

And the private life? That has changed more clearly. While Great Britain has similar restrictions and requirements to Germany, Sweden has remained much freer and has appealed more to its citizens’ personal responsibility. Working in a home office and keeping your distance are voluntary, but are strongly encouraged. Universities and high schools are closed but restaurants and cafés are open, as are primary schools and daycare centres. For Christofer this means that his child can go to kindergarten for a few hours, after which his wife and he share the care.

In Great Britain, an essential part of the culture is missing for this: meeting friends in the pub, having a drink, playing pool, just having a good conversation. The restrictions; social distance of two metres, the ban on travelling or meeting more than two people, as well as the various other regulations lead in turn to creative ideas, be it garden yoga classes or barbecues over the garden fence.

At the moment, Christofer and Graham agree, this restricted way of life still works because every single person is affected, the Covid-19 case numbers have to be kept small and the best of the situation has to be made. Both are also looking forward to the time when they can sit together again and talk face to face, laugh and drink a beer together. While each country has its own Corona rules, I guess that’s the wish that really unites everyone.