Update: How we at RNT Rausch handle Corona

Update: How we at RNT Rausch handle Corona

The first news about Corona made us listen attentively – and act. Very early on, our warehouses were filled to capacity, so that we could easily survive a lockdown with our suppliers. The employees in the home office or those working in shifts were just as quick. 

How does it continue now? Powerful and sensible! 

From 27 July 2020 we will return to the office.

Of course, we have made sure that the necessary distance between the workstations is maintained. To ensure that this distance can be maintained, we avoid joint breaks at the coffee machine or meetings for lunch. Where distance is not possible, we also wear face masks in the office and in production. This ensures the greatest possible safety for the team. The employees themselves also ensure that their hands are regularly sanitised, that the tables are disinfected every evening, and that coughing and sneezing are avoided.

We have also decided not to take part in any more events until at least the end of 2020. Which included cancelling our RNT Rausch in-house exhibition and summer party.

This does not mean, however, that you have to do without the personal contact to your RNT Rausch contact persons: Customer and service appointments will again be personally attended to on request and in compliance with the hygiene and distance regulations. Matters that can also be clarified by telephone or video call will, however, continue to be preferably discussed via these channels.

And our server and storage solutions?

You will continue to receive them unchanged in the usual quality and delivery reliability! What can we do for you?