BigFoot® Storage JBOD XXLarge: Storage system with world record packing density.

RNT RAUSCH is not hunting for world records – we are setting them! This is proven by the BigFoot® Storage JBOD XXLarge storage system using which in particular backup and archiving are finally fun.

72 times up to 12TB on just 4 units? Only the BigFoot® JBOD XXLarge can achieve this. You gain packing density and save on total cost of ownership (TCO) – sounds good, doesn’t it? But it gets even better!


  • various usage scenarios are possible
  • massive, extendible storage
  • small space requirements for lower rents in data centres
  • accelerated data throughput using tiering

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) for a perfect fit of volume

Pair the BigFoot® solution with our Sasquatch® SDS solutions. With the right software from powerful hardware, we make an even more powerful overall solution that can be used for almost any purpose and exactly to individual requirements.


  • record-breaking packing density for backup and archive
  • redundant connection for even more storage possible
  • low total cost of ownership
  • wide range of applications through software-defined storage



Key Features
  • Up to 864TB storage over just 4U
  • Supports SAS and SATA Enterprise HDDs
  • Hot swap HDDs
  • only 750mm deep for 1,000mm racks
Drive Bays
  • 72 x 3.5″ Hot-Swap SAS/SATA HDDs
  • 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB and 14 TB Enterprise HDDs
  • 2 x 12Gbit SAS Expander with 4 ports each
Remote Management
  • Supports the Intelligent Plattform Management Interface V2.0
  • 4U Rackmount
  • 178mm x 482mm x 750mm (H/W/D)
  • 7″ x 19″ 29.5″ (H/W/D)
  • 1.600W 1+1 redundant power supply 80+ Titanium