Becoming an RNT Partner is super easy!

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As an RNT partner you have access to the unique next-gen Yowie® storage appliance portfolio that goes beyond conventional storage platforms. Rather than competing with the big guys in the mass market you can use or sell reliable and cost-effective solutions which no one else is building so far.

Why partner with RNT


No monthly minimum commitment
No pressure, we believe in your success

Priority support
You will hardly need it but just in case...

No increase in support tickets because our engineers know exactly what they’re doing and designed rock solid solutions you can rely on.

We know that your business is getting more complex every day. Get direct access to RNT’s experts from engineering, marketing and sales to help you grow your business and stay ahead of market trends

Go-to-market support
Reduce time to market and get 24x7 access to brand assets and relevant partner collaterals to capitalize your partnership with RNT. Our marketing experts are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Becoming an RNT partner is super easy!


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