RNT Rausch ist Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

As a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner RNT Rausch is the architect for your individual project

From the selection to the integration of the Red Hat® product portfolio into our hardware to the introduction in your company, we are at your side. Do you need a storage platform, is your focus on cloud computing or automation and management? Do you need Red Hat Support or Red Hat Services? Our Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) will build the package that fits your needs.


Become more flexible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux!

The operating system on open source basis is the leading Enterprise Linux® distribution worldwide and delivers proven stability and reliability. The hardware-independent platform is used for simple and company-wide provision of your applications on-premises, in the private or public cloud. Security and performance? Also included in RHEL!

Fields of application

The Enterprise solution is the optimal choice if you want to distribute heavyweight databases such as SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server or applications across the enterprise while maintaining full performance. We simply bring the right Linux server into play – and you’re ready to go!

  • intuitive administration via WebConsole
  • easy development and deployment of containers
  • consistent application and user experience
  • comfortable application deployment via application streams
  • active RHEL subscription has access to Red Hat Insights
  • reduced costs for cloud deployment
More productive, innovative, Red Hat OpenShift!

Take your business forward with new applications: The OpenShift® platform makes it easy for your developers to deliver private and hybrid cloud deployments. The platform includes cubernets, accelerates Linux containerization, and makes scalability tangible.

Fields of application

From rapid development and secure deployment of new apps and services, to system administration and optimised release management, the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and hardware from RNT Rausch is the perfect team for your platform needs.

  • intuitive administration via WebConsole
  • Rapid introduction and distribution of applications
  • Automation through Kubernetes
  • container-based for more security and flexibility
  • Load-Balancing and Auto-Scaling function
More than platform virtualisation with Red Hat OpenStack!

When Red Hat Enterprise Linux is combined with OpenStack® technology, the private and public clouds are in good company on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform! From here, the cloud is secure, scalable, simple to operate and easily managed using the WebConsole.

Fields of application

For example, use a storage system from RNT Rausch and virtualise all your hardware resources from CPU to RAM and HDDs, exactly to your needs!

Six core services are available to help you with computing, networking, storage, identity and imaging tasks. So even jobs like dashboarding, orchestration, messaging and governance are a snap.

  • comfortable construction of an own infrastructure with public and private cloud
  • full control over the infrastructure
  • manufacturer-independent (AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.)
  • easy administration via WebConsole
  • Red Hat Enterpise Linux as operating system
Red Hat Virtualization: Leading virtualisation platform for better performance!

Turn your data center into a virtual hub with Linux and Red Hat Virtualisation. This open source solution reliably virtualizes servers and workstations, optimises utilisation, and delivers increased performance with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Fields of application

Standardise storage, infrastructure and structure and network services, deliver services faster and rely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Kernel Based Virtual Machine (KVM) technologies.

It’s easy to set up, use, and manage: create, start, stop, suspend, clone, or redeploy individual VMs. You can use the platform with other Red Hat products such as OpenStack and integrate with other software solutions such as Active Directory.

  • high scalability (240 hosts per cluster)
  • role-based VM deployment
  • faster deployment thanks to templates
  • uninterrupted work
  • Red Hat Virtualisation Manager as a central management system

Cloud Computing

Red Hat OpenShift: Power for your Linux Cloud Storage!

A single platform on which tools and resources run as well as logging and monitoring, middleware, frameworks, databases and more? Only Red Hat OpenShift based on Linux can do this! Because only here containers are operated using OpenShift Kubernetes and only here the leading Linux operating system RHEL comes into play.

Fields of application

No matter whether you run your OpenShift Cloud public, private or hybrid: Application delivery has never been easier than with the container platform! That’s because of the OpenShift Cubernets: they add automation and reduce manual tasks. The result: time savings – and fewer errors. The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform also has built-in cluster monitoring so you can quickly take action when you need to. And the redundant nature of the platform means you can always rely on high availability.

  • Container platform with advantages for both admins and developers
  • Execution on any cloud
  • Provision of clusters and applications in one tool
  • automated workflows, cubernets and containers
  • massive scalability
Clouds under control with Red Hat OpenStack!

Red Hat OpenStack Platform makes resource allocation in the cloud a snap. Whether private or public, one or hundreds of clouds: OpenStack puts your virtual resources in the right context. OpenStack services, which enable management and access, authentication and authorisation, and much more, help you do this.

Fields of application

The development of your own OpenStack Cloud, whether private or public, the integration of third-party applications, individual expansion with storage or virtualisation: Due to the powerful and constantly evolving Linux-based platform, there are almost no limits to your application scenarios for cloud computing.

  • efficient setup of your own OpenStack Private or Public Cloud
  • reliable management
  • High scalability and security
  • optimal interaction with other Red Hat solutions
  • compatible with hardware and software of other manufacturers
2 in 1 with Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure!

You don’t want to duplicate your computing and storage efforts, but want the simplest and best option for your cloud? Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure brings the advantages of integrated, software-defined computing and storage resources under one roof!

Fields of application

Red Hat combines two proven solutions, OpenStack Platform and Ceph Storage, to provide a secure infrastructure in the cloud, while the other provides block, object, and file storage independent of hardware. For you, this means that distributed environments are finally bundled in one place – the cloud! And without additional effort, because management and support are centrally bundled and therefore easier to manage than ever. The fact that you also save massive costs is a nice side effect. And with the advice of our Red Hat specialists, you’ll get started faster than you can say Cloud!

  • less hardware required
  • less cost
  • a plus in security and resilience
  • great scalability
  • easy administration via central platform
  • comprehensive service package
Everything under control with RedHat CloudForms!

Virtual infrastructure or private cloud: How to manage without losing track? With Red Hat CloudForms®! Admins get the easy way to control users, rights and systems across the enterprise and always have an eye on what is really important.

Fields of application

Among other things, CloudForms allows the monitoring of all cloud and virtual resources. It shows relationships, makes error-prone areas in the system visible and also enables easy enforcement of compliance policies in the company. Those who wish to do so can give their users the opportunity to help themselves with certain tasks via self-service. And, recurring tasks such as provisioning and policies are easily automated.

What are you waiting for? Let us make your life easier with Red Hat CloudForms!

  • continuous lifecycle management
  • Easily monitor and maintain security, performance, utilisation and capacity of VMs and cloud instances
  • comfortable administration of the entire environment
  • Reduced effort thanks to automation


Huge gets better with Red Hat Ceph Storage!

Millions of IOPS, maximum bandwidth, a combination of block, object, and file storage – this is what hardware from RNT Rausch in combination with Red Hat Ceph® Storage achieves.

Millions of IOPS, maximum bandwidth, a combination of block, object, and file storage – this is what hardware from RNT Rausch in combination with Red Hat Ceph Storage achieves.

Fields of application

We equip the server that fits your requirements with the ideal capacity and/or performance and provide you with data storage in the petabyte environment using the software-defined storage principle.
The storage cluster not only provides flexibility in terms of scalability, it also works so fast that your systems themselves can hardly keep up. In combination with NVMe SSD this is even increased.

Whether cloud infrastructures, media repositories, backup and recovery systems or data lakes from Enterprise Analytics: your new system can handle massive applications and workloads in no time at all!

  • can be combined with all Red Hat solutions
  • compatible with Amazon AWS, S3, Swift and many more
  • reduced costs with increasing data stock
  • scalable and flexible
  • comfortable administration with Ceph Management Platform
Storage at the right level: Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure!

Distributed locations, but no desire for an expensive, dual infrastructure structure that also requires separate maintenance and servicing? Then Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure can help!

Fields of application

You use a server, cluster it, virtualise your applications and save money. What sounds easy, thanks to Red Hat HCI, is easy. It’s where Red Hat virtualisation and Red Hat Gluster Storage come together to provide you with the virtual computing and storage resources you need. Best of all, you plan once. You implement once. You branch out as often as you want.

Just contact us. Our experts will advise you on the optimal user virtualisation and will find the right system for computing and storage across locations based on your budget and requirements!

  • no separate layer for storage
  • maximal efficiency
  • streamlined deployment and management
  • simple application virtualisation
  • considerable cost saving
  • Common support stack and centralized management
Red Hat Gluster Storage: The foundation for your workloads!

Backup and archiving are a necessity but you want to remain flexible and therefore prefer Open Source as well as Software-Defined Storage? Fall back on Gluster® Storage from Red Hat!

Fields of application

Here you decide for yourself: from the surroundings to the size! Virtual or cloud environment? Bare metal or container solution? The SDS software serves all deployment types. You also benefit from enormous scalability, so you can still meet all your persistent storage and performance requirements even as your business and data grow. Also good for you: In combination with the hardware from RNT Rausch you gain performance, save costs and can even handle unstructured data and big data.

Ask us about your optimal hardware including Red Hat Gluster Storage.

  • optimal portability of applications through containerisation
  • manufacturer-independent
  • scaleable platform
  • No metadata server required
  • supports heterogeneous hardware platforms
  • rapid ROI
Secure data with Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage!

Two Linux solutions work together to provide the ultimate in data security: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Ceph Storage are the proven dream team for SDS container storage, regardless of deployment type.

Fields of application

Multi Cloud, Virtualisation, Container – you decide. Surely it will stay in any case!

But data protection, which is active throughout, is only one of the many advantages of the container platform. Because it also enables cluster, block, file or object storage, optimal provisioning, maintenance and management of apps, more speed for admins and developers and much more!

  • specially designed for container-based environments
  • High availability through cubernet and replication
  • Software-defined storage ensures scalability
  • easy development and deployment of Kubernetes
  • platform-independent portability of applications

Automatisation and Management

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform: It does it for you!

Eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce manual errors, and rely on IT automation with Red Hat Ansible® Automation instead!

Fields of application

This allows you to automate both processes and environments – and to easily integrate cloud services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, networks as well as operating systems and virtualization solutions such as VMware.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is built on two pillars: Ansible Engine and Ansible Tower. Both solutions can also be used independently of each other, but only make sense as a package. While the Ansible Engine allows automation using various modules, Red Hat Ansible Tower covers the secure management of automation and its scalability. Red Hat Network Automation also comes into play for full control over entire networks.

  • reduced effort with increased productivity
  • lower susceptibility to errors
  • more time for new projects
  • easy user management
  • Delegation of tasks to other users
Red Hat Satellite: Complete management of your Red Hat infrastructure!

Close error-prone gaps in your systems and provide all-round protection for your Linux infrastructures. With Red Hat Satellite, you can manage thousands of systems simultaneously, even if they are all in different locations. The Web console gives you access to your RHEL, as well as all other parts of your infrastructure.

Fields of application

You have complete flexibility: physical, virtual or cloud environments can be managed, deployed or scaled with Linux Satellite. And with automation, you can ensure that all systems are regularly maintained and kept up to date. This reduces errors, saves costs and gives your IT the basis to react quickly to incidents. When you use Red Hat Insights, you can see exactly where you need to take action to improve in the future, thanks to analytics.

  • reduced effort with increased productivity
  • lower susceptibility to errors
  • more time for new projects
  • easy user management
  • Delegation of tasks to other uses
  • easy deployment, management and scaling of infrastructure
  • Manage content in RPMs, Red Hat Container hosts, containers, and puppet modules
  • quick configuration management
  • Software management including patches
  • Predictive Analytics with Red Hat Insights