Data security as hot, warm or cold storage clusters

The Sasquatch® SDS | Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Cluster is based on the newest Acronis Cyber Infrastructure software. We are one of the first to offer this solution based on our BigFoot® Storage XXLarge.

The system

The flexibility of the BigFoot® Storage XXLarge and Acronis Cyber Infrastructure with its integrated Acronis Backup Gateway allows this highly redundant storage solution provide concurrent services such as: cloud backup destination, cloud storage, NFS and iSCSI for databases and virtual machines. This Sasquatch SDI cluster is further enhanced by the use of caching and journaling SSDs.

Data security is delivered through use of Acronis CloudRAID (3+2) and the whole solution can be expanded (without downtime) to exabyte capacities. The complete cluster is administered from a powerful, intuitive web GUI.

The backup-as-a-service cloud operated by Acronis is based on the BigFoot® Storage XXLarge.


  • Innovative web GUI
  • Simple set-up in only 5 minutes
  • Highest data security and availability
  • Data auto-tiering and SSD caching
  • Automatic load and data balancing
  • Amazon S3 integration and highly-available iSCSI storage
  • Block chain technology for data authentification



  • Storage for file (NFS), block (iSCSI), object data (S3) and Acronis Backup Gateway
  • For frequently and rarely used data (hot / cold data)
  • A single storage cluster for all workloads
  • Multiple storage levels possible
  • Intelligent redundancy and overhead management
  • Highly available iSCSI LUNs
  • High performance
  • Multipath support
  • Unlimited scalability Terabytes up to Petabytes
  • Ideal for applications such as: Open-Xchange, Acronis Files Cloud or other Enterprise File Sync & Share applications