High performance scale-out block storage

StorPool® is distributed block-storage software that uses standard servers to build a storage system by aggregating the capacity and performance of local SSDs. The system scales online in capacity and performance by adding more servers or drives.

StorPool® is designed from the ground up to provide public and private cloud builders (cloud service providers, hosting companies, telcos, MSPs and Enterprises) with the fastest block storage service for VMs. Due to its outstanding product engineering, StorPool® delivers exceptional reliability and performance of the storage system. Performance of StorPool® systems starts from 500,000 IOPS and 0.2 ms of latency.

Low latency of the StorPool® solution enables provisioning of block storage for virtual machines, which is as fast as or even faster than local SSDs.

StorPool® solutions are supported by BigFoot® Storage system Flash 1/20.

The minimal configuration starts with 3 servers and 17 TB of usable storage space and can grow by adding more servers on the PB series.

StorPool® storage nodes can be configured as follows:

  • BigFoot® Storage system Flash 1/20 with 5,8 TB usable capacity
  • BigFoot® Storage system Flash 1/20 with 11,6 TB usable capacity
  • BigFoot® Storage system Flash 1/20 with 23,3 TB usable capacity
  • BigFoot® Storage system Flash 1/20 with 46,5 TB usable capacity

A storage system starts with 3 nodes. Storage nodes of different capacities can be mixed in one system.

A 3-node system has 60x SATA SSDs. It can deliver 1M + IOPS and 0.200-0.250 ms latency.

The performance of StorPool® systems can be scaled with each added server.

For more information: www.storpool.com



  • High-Availability
  • End-to-end data integration
  • high performance
  • Backup and Disaster-Recovery
  • Snapshots, Clones, QoS
  • Hyper-converged-Option
  • RDMA and NVMe support