Sasquatch® Storage Appliance: Erasure Coding 3+2 in a box!

Honoured at the Innovation Award Baden-Wuerttemberg

A total of 90 applications were received for the Baden-Wuerttemberg Innovation Award, but only nine made it to the final. We were among them, with the Sasquatch® Storage Appliance that we developed ourselves and produce in Ettlingen.

The Sasquatch® Storage Appliance makes software-defined storage (SDS) and scale-out even better for your purposes. Erasure Coding 3+2 in the box makes sure of that!
Do you manage enterprise applications, provide infrastructure-as-a-service or software-as-a-service, and must deliver the highest levels of resilience and performance to your users? The Sasquatch® Storage Appliance has been designed specifically as a cost-effective platform for software-defined storage solutions. The density, compute power and performance are designed to deliver uninterrupted storage for all business needs.

Scale-out without Limits!

Sasquatch® Storage Appliance is a 3U scale-out system supporting Erasure Coding (EC), data replication, in fact any software-defined storage. Five nodes are ideal for Erasure Coding, giving both good disk utilization and the protection of being able to have two nodes fail but still function. Here at RNT Rausch, we’ve built a unique design of five nodes in 3U to save rack space, reduce power usage and provide 240TB of RAW capacity. As with any scale-out storage, adding more nodes allows near unlimited capacity growth.

Erasure Coding 3+2 for high security of big data sets

The appliance comes with preinstalled software that supports Erasure Coding and replication for maximum data security and speed. The data is broken into smaller parts and stored across the five nodes for maximum security. When Erasure Coding scheme is used, the data is stored in a way that gives the best utilization efficiency however for maximum speed (e.g. iSCSI) data replication can also be used at the same time.

The Sasquatch® Storage Appliance has been designed not just for storage but hyper-converged computing as well. With a range of processors and integrated NVMe cache it becomes an ideal platform for hypervisors such as VMware, Xen Server, KVM and more. This flexibility combined with block, file, object and backup storage makes the appliance highly cost effective.

Great Partnership for a better business.

For the Sasquatch® Storage Appliance, we work with long-term partners such as Acronis, Cloudian and many more. By choosing this solution, you benefit from our extensive expertise in the development and engineering of systems for data centre and service providers. Our experience as well as our partnerships with market leaders ensure the best solution for your business at any time. Virtualization, big data, cloud or hyper-converged storage, high-performance computing, all-flash or object-storage platforms.



Hardware Features

Version 1


  • Intel® Atom® C3958, 16 cores


  • Up to 256GB registered ECC RDIMM, DDR4-2400Mhz


  • Quad with Intel® C3000 SoC 2x 10GBaseT and 2x 10Gb SFP+
Version 2


  • Intel® Xeon® D2166NT, 12 cores, 24 threads


  • Up to 512GB ECC LRDIMM, DDR4-2666Mhz


  • Dual LAN with 10GBaseT with Intel® X557
each version

Disk Drives

  • 15x 3,5″ Enterprise SATA with up to 240TB RAW capacity
  • 5x SATA SSD for OS
  • 5x NVMe SSD or 5x SATA SSD for cache


  • support for Intelligent Platform Interface v2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM-over-LAN support for each node and the chassis


  • 3U 19″ Rackmount

Power Supply

  • 1U 750W 1+1 redundant PSU 80+Platinum

Software Features

  • On-premise backup
  • cloud connection
  • S3, NFS, iSCSI
  • Acronis gateway
  • Blockchain technology
  • Quality of Service
  • high availability
  • scale-out architecture
  • easy management
Virtual Environment
  • high-performance storage
  • NFS/SMB/iSCSI/S3 and more
  • Multi tenancy
  • Self-healing cluster
  • high availability
  • scale-out architecture
  • easy management