BigFoot®: Huge in storage capacity
and performance

A storage system that can be used for many applications, creates space for data and applications with virtually endless storage capacities, and works light and fast thanks to its flexible processor performance?

RNT Rausch has the solution! The BigFoot® product family is now suitable as a database server in four different basic configurations as well as an enterprise storage server, nearline storage, as a virtual tape library for long-term archiving, for cloud computing or big data applications.

Convincing value for money – the BigFoot® storage family does all this and more.

Limitless scaling the
storage capacity
Storage system XXL
May be a little bit
be more?
Storagesystem JBOD XXL
Lightning fast and high packing density!
1U with 20x SSD
Storage system FLASH 1/20
Lightning fast and high Packing density!
1U with 20x NVMe
Storagesystem Flash 1/20N
Lightning fast and high packing density!
2U with 52x NVMe SSD
Storagesystem Flash 2/52