Solutions - precise, forward-looking and strategically sustainable

We create solutions to problems that do not exist yet. Sounds like wasted time? Is not it! Because we already make sure that tomorrow you work exactly as you wish.

Do you want to look into the future with us? Then let us take it.

Without a crystal ball, but with the necessary vision!


Server and storage solutions according to your needs.


Consulting, concept, implementation of the private, public and multi-cloud solution for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to global companies.

Solution Architect: Tailored server and storage solutions.
Solution Architects
Sasquatch® Software Defined Storage: Flexible expansion of storage capacity thanks to SDS.
Sasquatch® Software Defined Storage
Sasquatch® Storage Appliance: Erasure Coding 3+2 in a box!
Sasquatch® Storage Appliance
Cloud Solutions: Private, public and multi-cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Cloud Solutions