Storage solutions that reduce complexity and cost

3 storage tierings in one single box
- preserving critical data well into the future


Do you still think that standard storage solutions are fine because there's no alternative? We don't. Whether you're handling big or smaller amounts of data, this company data is always business-critical.

We have a passion for Storage and understand that the ongoing digital transformation journey requires storage solutions that support multiple platforms and storage protocols. Our storage solutions are always one step ahead and offer unlimited connectivity and high scalability to manage, protect and share data in an agile and flexible way.

BigFoot® Storage Solutions are breaking the mould and give you great density as well as lots of compute power with only those hand-selected quality components you need for your business. BigFoot® is more than just building blocks. It's your personalised storage solutions portfolio built to handle your hot and back-up data, archives, caching, or even the toughest storage requirements you can think of.® .

BigFoot® helps to double down on energy savings and saves costly rackspace while still providing you with great performance, optimal throughput and lowest latency to preserve your data.

BigFoot® Storage Solutions

BigFoot Storage  XXL Storage Lösungen

When size does matter - highest capacity and compute power in one of the world’s shortest chassis

BigFoot Storage  XXL Storage Lösungen

Make it even bigger - attach BigFoot® Storage JBOD XXL

BigFoot Storage  JBOD Storage Lösungen

BigFoot Flash Storage Lösungen

Your data in a thrill of speed

BigFoot Flash Storage Lösungen

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