Storage - a quantum leap
for your data

Storage solutions for data centers, hosting providers, companies must all complete various tasks. While one wants to securely manage the archive, another must ensure that applications and related data are readily available, for example, when music or movies are offered as a streaming service, or when graphics programs display new pixels every second. We develop, build and deliver the right storage system at the right time.

Limitless scaling
the storage capacity
Storage system XXL
May be a little bit
be more?
Storage system JBOD XXL
Lightning fast and high packing density!
1U with 20x SSD
Storage system FLASH 1/20
Lightning fast and high Packing density!
1U with 20x NVMe
Storage system FLASH 1/20N
Lightning fast and high packing density!
2U with 52x NVMe SSD
Storage system Flash 2/52
Individual configuration of several use cases
Storage systems from Supermicro