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Your data in a thrill of speed


Data is invaluable in the age of digital transformation unless it’s not just sitting on storage. When every microsecond counts and the need for speed is a business imperative BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash gives you more than 1 million IOPS tuned to your needs.

BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash is ideal for

All verticals with a need for super-fast and low latency access to huge data volumes such as Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Video Surveillance, Education, Finance, Data Analytics and more

Any business who wants to remove the data access bottleneck and gain a competitive advantage


Super-fast access to data
In one of the world’s shortest chassis, fitting in a standard rack

Handle extreme spikes in data traffic
Quite common with VDI deployments

Increase your productivity and accelerate time to market
Because happy customers stay

Impact the value of your data
Quickly mine deeper insights and respond to customers just in time to increase revenues

Flexible and efficient storage tailored to your needs
From tier 0 to tier 3

German engineering excellence
Stop paying for features you don’t need and optimise rackspace

BigFoot® Flash Systems

BigFoot® Flash 1/20

Just like a sports car

Built to your business needs but always up for maximum performance with 20 SSD in just 1U

Tech Specs

BigFoot® Flash 1/20N

Your muscle car

One of the quickest all-flash storage systems with 20 directly accessed NVMe SSDs combined with latest processor generation.

Tech Specs

BigFoot® Flash 1/20N

Your racing car

Superior performance built to your needs in 2U with 52 SSDs, delivering 208TB of high-density storage and boosted by up to 8 PCI I/O cards.  

Tech Specs

Get started in 3 simple steps

Pair your BigFoot® Storage XXL with software

Software defined storage for volume that fits perfectly! With the right software combined with powerful hardware, we make the perfect solution that can be used for almost any purpose and tailored to individual requirements.