As an innovative technology pioneer, we’ve already been boosting productivity with intelligent server and storage solutions tailored to the needs of your current and future business. With new digital trends and technologies being developed all the time it’s more complex than ever to navigate through all the options and assess the best fit for the company as a whole. Let us do it for you!

RNT Services


Because our brain’s always on

Aligning a wide array of software and hardware – both cutting-edge and legacy – into a consolidated environment is vital to unlock new revenue streams in the short-, mid- and long-term run.

We are your strategic partner in all IT projects as you move to new technologies, applications and processes while still keeping some legacy architecture.

IT Security

Stand up to the threats in cyberspace

Data protection is already a complex task. As data continues to grow, its value will become even more apparent to not only your own business, but also to cyber criminals.

Protect your data against the most common threats such as ransomware and other malware, viruses and trojans, deep fake and cloud jacking, DDoS and other malicious attacks, as well as theft of IT and company data from insiders or intruders.

Rely on us to implement a rock-solid security and data protection strategy tailored to your needs. All it takes are three simple steps


Our experts will identify potential weaknesses and security holes in the following areas

  • Loss of data due to hardware or software configuration errors
  • Unauthorised data access
  • User access/role management
  • Password policies
  • Firewall
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • VPN services
  • Antivirus for PCs and mobile devices
  • Data encryption
  • Voice over IP


The results of our analysis combined with your key priorities, budget guidelines and company objectives will lead to an exclusive security concept which includes

  • Security policy management
  • Central guideline management


Do it yourself or get additional support from us

  • Select and deploy a solid backup and disaster recovery solution
  • Assess and recommend up-to-date hardware or software solutions from leading suppliers

Solution Architects

You speak, we listen and then build it your way

IT solutions without a well thought through architecture will fail to meet the digital transformation of any company’s core operations and will let them easily fall behind in a super competitive business world.

Our solution architects create comprehensive server, storage, and software solution designs that are either deployed from scratch or fit into existing architectures from a technical, business, user and financial perspective.

The way we work

Analysis and strategic advice

We analyse your requirements and give strategic advice how a compelling IT architecture can best support your business goals and objectives

Evaluation and planning

Standard mass market products from leading brands do not always meet your requirements. We’ll carefully evaluate available options and go beyond traditional server and storage offerings. Whether we plan for a custom build solution tailored to your needs or standard products you’ll always get high quality that gives you more bang for the buck.

Production and implementation

It’ll all start in our factory. Whether we build it for you or buy off the shelf, each server or storage will be quality tested and pre-configured to your needs before it ships and gets implemented by our experts.

Service and support

Outstanding support is included but we will also stay at your side to maintain and manage the mundane tasks if your IT admins should better focus on innovation.

Get started in 3 simple steps