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We love to make our customers happy and enjoy playing an essential role in helping them exceed their digital transformation goals, find new revenue streams, add more services to their portfolio or simply resolve one or more pressing pain points.

We speak our customer's language and always have an ear for their needs. Wether it's the data centre industry, institutions in the public sector or any other vertical we design, build and deploy the optimal solution for businesses of any size with the goal to reduce TCO.

Our reference customers have already stopped paying for features they don't need and take sustainability seriously. Be invited to challenge us and get added to the list.

Data Centre

  • GoDaddy
  • Bechtle
  • GMX
  • Freenet
  • Plusserver
  • Ionos
  • Acronis
  • Staro
  • Web.de
  • Telekom
  • Terra
  • Teledata
  • FHE3
  • Telemax


  • Gameforge
  • Cristie
  • Vollack
  • Wiggert
  • GLP
  • Vi2vi
  • Vdef
  • Bayoo
  • Kramer
  • BK Braun
  • ITK
  • Daimler
  • Pister
  • Burger
  • IHK


  • Uni Giessen
  • Uulm
  • Uni Tuebingen
  • Uni Saarland