Your Solution Architects -
for customized solutions!

Off-the-peg solutions are viable until you wait, for the first time, for an eternity to open an important document, the server becomes too slow for you due to low performance, or your customers’ complaints about constant interruptions are outrageous. A tailor-made solution must be found, which in the best case can keep up with you and your requirements. Build on the solution architects of RNT Rausch!
1st step: Analysis and advice

They discuss with us what you really want. We analyze the possibilities and advise you purposefully.

2nd step: Development and planning

We are moving forward – in a structured way and according to your needs. So we plan your solution as reliably as the way there. Scalability, flexibility, high data throughput, great performance, huge storage volumes: There is nothing that we can not develop with a lot of experience, innovative technologies and powerful components.

3rd step: Production and implementation

Do you agree with our proposal? Then we start! First of all with us on site, because every system in Ettlingen is tailor-made for your requirements. When everything is ready, we take delivery and implementation.

4th step: Service and support

We will not let you down but stand by your side with service and support. System Maintenance, Maintenance, Managed Services? We do!