The way we work

Analysis and strategic advice

We analyse your requirements and give strategic advice on how a compelling IT architecture can best support your business goals and objectives.

Evaluation and planning

Standard mass-market products from leading brands do not always meet your requirements. We’ll carefully evaluate available options and go beyond traditional server and storage offerings. Whether we plan for a custom build solution tailored to your needs or standard products you’ll always get high quality that gives you more bang for the buck.

Production and implementation

It’ll all start in our factory. Whether we build it for you or buy it off the shelf, each server or storage will be quality tested and pre-configured to your needs. Only then it ships and gets implemented by our experts.

Service and support

Outstanding support is included. However, we will also stay at your side to maintain and manage the mundane tasks if your IT admins should better focus on innovation.

1-2-3 go!

Excellent product design does not fall from heaven but requires careful planning and execution. We’re always ahead of technology trends and have gained a lot of expertise and experience in this field.

Let's get in touch
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1. Speak with an expert

Let's put our heads together to analyse your objectives and assess your needs.

2. Proof of Concept (PoC)

We don’t want you to buy a pig in a poke. Let's continue with a PoC to give you the optimal result.

3. Place the order

Add support packages and optional services to enjoy peace of mind at a fair price.

RNT Rausch. Making IT possible.

Discover our products and solutions

RNT is a pioneer in the server and storage industry. We build for you personalised Server and Storage systems, powerful Storage solutions, and scalable standard solutions from leading suppliers. You’ll get optimised Cloud services from us, too. Close the loop and add complementary consultancy services for the perfect system integration to make the digitalisation of your business a success.

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