Support for all occasions

Difficulties with hardware, your solution or need a device?

Simply select the right support for your request and get assistance from the professionals at RNT Rausch.

Direct contact, fast help!

With our RNT Rausch remote support via TeamViewer, our experts solve your challenges quickly and just as reliably as usual. We simply connect to your systems, with your permission, and together we will complete the job quickly.

We make hardware better!

Is your IT department constantly overloaded and in need of support? Or would you like to strengthen your technicians using external expertise?

Hardware support at RNT Rausch has it covered!


  • support from trained technicians who also receive ongoing training
  • implementation by the RNT Rausch RMA department with connected test centres or at your site (worldwide)
  • short processing times
  • handling the maintenance of your complete systems on-site or the data centre of your choice

We have the solution for you!

In order to benefit from your server or storage solution over the long term, you always have to update and maintain your systems. If you do not want to worry about it or would like support, the experts from RNT Rausch are happy to provide it.


  • direct support by our system administrators
  • deployed remotely or at your site
  • access to current expertise thanks to initial and ongoing training for our SysAdmins by our partners

We are focused on sustainable solutions!

Simply just sell? We leave that to other people. The sales team at RNT Rausch is far more than just your first point of call. It is at your side before, during and after your system is commissioned. This is how we ensure you get the best possible solution!


  • Fixed contact at all times
  • Support from enquiry to beyond the end of the project
  • Experts involved from all areas

We provide you with knowledge!

Would you like to work in detail with our systems, provide your IT manager with more information about RNT Rausch, or recommend a server or storage system from our hand to your customers? Or do you need logos and other images?

We have prepared something for you!


  • complete overview of our product and service range
  • convincing facts instead of empty words to take away
  • quick information search for specs, facts and pics