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Our cloud services

Private Cloud

On-premise or in a colocation data centre

A private cloud architecture is ideal for all business cases where direct control over the environment is a must. Either because of security or governance requirements, network latency issues, or cost.

You can’t always get what you want from a public cloud provider. There’s often no choice but to take a bigger instance type, leaving you with lots of unused capacity at a higher cost. Our private cloud will initially be tailored to the actual workloads and applications. To give you the best value for the money your private cloud will scale as your business grows.


Private cloud architecture tailored to your needs

You will get what you need

Specialty hardware or configuration requirements

Customised hardware for optimal TCO

Powered by VMware®

Only the best is good enough

Deployed on-premise or in a colocation data centre

We’ll help you locate the top spot

Public Cloud

Accessible over the public internet

A public cloud lets you immediately think of the most prominent brands in this market. We don’t follow the mainstream. We offer you the European alternative for maximum data security! We partner with IONOS Cloud to give you a 100% GDPR compliant public cloud environment with its own code stack ‘Made in Germany’.

We’ll analyse which advantages of the public cloud are the best fit for your business and then manage the transfer to IONOS Cloud.


Time, cost, and resource savings

Live vertical scaling

Scale-up at any time and without interruption

Managed Kubernetes

S3 Object-Storage

Hybrid Cloud

A mix of private and public cloud

A hybrid cloud combines the best of both worlds. Cost optimisation, agility, flexibility, scalability, and adaptability of the public cloud come together with the control, compliance, security, and reliability of the private cloud.

A hybrid cloud deployment is ideal for multiple use case scenarios. Think of a cost-efficient and GEO redundant high availability and disaster recovery strategy. What if you need to meet data governance or regulatory requirements? How about accelerating application testing, handling traffic spikes with ease, and more.

Partner with us to define and implement your best-in-class hybrid cloud strategy. Our services include hardware design and provisioning, data centre or colocation selection, implementation, and maintenance.


Full cost transparency

Only pay for what you need

Anticipating current and future needs

Adaptable to your business growth

Get computing resources, infrastructure, and platforms on the go

Increase agility and flexibility

GEO redundant backup and disaster recovery strategy

1-2-3 go!

Excellent product design does not fall from heaven but requires careful planning and execution. We’re always ahead of technology trends and have gained a lot of expertise and experience in this field.

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