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Buying a new SDS solution is a complex task. It’s not only about the budget but mainly about the configuration of your new Software-Defined Storage system. Some vendors say that their offering is hardware agnostic but in reality, you don’t have a choice but need to take what’s officially ‘certified’. Flexibility-as-a-Service from RNT means that you do have a choice to pick the solution that best meets your business objectives, budget, and purchase or even vendor strategy for storage.

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RNT Integrated SDS Solutions

We stand by our word to offer you Flexibility-as-a-Service. You can either choose from our Integrated SDS solutions portfolio providing you with an enterprise-class hardware platform that is tuned for the software that’s running on it. What belongs together should not be separated, so you can pick and choose the optimal storage system for your use case from the list of available configurations and different storage types.

RNT Combined SDS Solutions

If you’re looking for even more flexibility or have a preferred vendor in mind, our Combined Software-Defined Storage portfolio is the one to go. Choose BigFoot or any other storage hardware of your choice and pick the software suite that is the perfect fit to elevate your business. We’ll make sure that your chosen SDS solution is only leaving our factory when everything is fully tested and running smoothly.

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