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With our passion for servers and storage, we pair unconventional thinking with world-class engineering to go beyond standardised mass-market solutions. Our personalised solutions are created on the drawing board. We develop and build tailor-made solutions that are sustainable, energy-efficient, reliable, and secure. You will always find compatible and high-quality enterprise-grade components from leading manufacturers inside.

We’ve turned the best-selling personalised solutions into ready-to-go turnkey solutions for every budget. This is how we’ll make your business fit for tomorrow’s technical revolution
You speak, we listen, and then build it your way!

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Completely personalised

Let's make you and your company successful now and in the future. Because our brain's always on!

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Solution, ready, go!

When things have to be simple and need to move quickly or an affordable solution in enterprise quality is needed!

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RNT Rausch. Making IT possible.

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RNT is a pioneer in the server and storage industry. We build for you personalised Server and Storage systems, powerful Storage solutions, and scalable standard solutions from leading suppliers. You’ll get optimised Cloud services from us, too. Close the loop and add complementary consultancy services for the perfect system integration to make the digitalisation of your business a success.


Innovative spirit for the best - our customers!

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