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Appliance Yowie 53H / 53F

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Your business deserves full support from an IT infrastructure that is sustainable, cost-efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain and manage. Whether you choose Tormenta Mini-DC as an edge device for real-time access to both information and analytics results, or you would like to adopt autonomic operation, multi-tenancy, distributed and local resiliency is totally up to you. Either way, you will always stay in full control over your data.

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The Tormenta Mini-DC Family comprises of either HDD or All-Flash models to address a wide variety of use cases and businesses requirements:

Tormenta 5300-series

With 5 independent nodes in 3U you will get the highest density in a single chassis that's currently available in the market and keep the same level of flexibility.

Now you have

have S3-compliant object storage and your preferred backup solution all in the same box

have a flexible mix between storage and compute nodes that are either partially or fully virtualised so everything you need to run your business is consolidated on one single platform. Remember that having it all spread across multiple devices is more expensive in the end

ake load off your network and handle critical data at the edge to reduce both latency and cost

have a variable platform adapting to fast-changing business requirements. We recommend embracing the New Normal and forgetting about old ways to take your business to new heights

be truly green. Simply re-configure a node when new applications or services have to be added; no need to buy new hardware and produce electronic waste

build your own highly secure private cloud serving all applications that are relevant to your business

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We’re not only building your hardware; we’re also pre-installing the software of your choice,we’ll run the tests, and then ship a ready-to-go Mini-DC to you.

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Excellent product design does not fall from heaven but requires careful planning and execution. We’re always ahead of technology trends and have gained a lot of expertise and experience in this field.

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