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Mobile Data Safe

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Limitless and secure data transfer

Choose Hibagon® Mobile Data Safe if you need to move large amounts of data from one location to another without the risk that your valuable data gets lost or compromised. All data is encrypted and will stay secure throughout the entire duration of the journey. Easily transfer your data offline when you’re facing connectivity limitations, bandwidth constraints, or have no internet connection at all.

You buy it – you own it!

Hibagon® Mobile data Safe is not a service. It’s a physical and armoured storage system that allows you to stay in full control of the data that is stored on it. Use it to overcome typical challenges associated with large data transfers like bandwidth bottlenecks, poor internet connections, or costly data transfer fees.

Advantages of this mobile solution

Initial data transfer from on-premise to any private or public cloud

Move data securely from offline tapes to the cloud when you're limited by time

Offline transfer of very sensitive data for compliance and security reasons

Move older backup files to the cloud to save cost

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Hibagon Mobile Data Safe - Lösung
Hibagon Mobile Data Safe - Lösung
Hibagon Mobile Data Safe - Frontansicht mit offener Klappe

Disaster Recovery

When a disaster strikes quick access to mission-critical data is vital. Whether the lights are out due to a ransomware attack or severe weather conditions, Hibagon allows you to restore essential data to an on-premise network within a short period of time. Ideal for:

  • All businesses with a need for secure content distribution
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Military
  • Healthcare
  • Public sector
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Banking and insurances

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Tech specs

  • 28 TB
  • 56 TB
  • 84 TB
  • 112 TB
  • 140 TB
  • 8 x 4TB enterprise HDDs
  • 8 x 8TB enterprise HDDs
  • 8 x 12TB enterprise HDDs
  • 8 x 16TB enterprise HDDs
  • 8 x 20TB enterprise HDDs

Open ZFS

  • Optical: 2x SFP+
  • Copper: 2x 1/10GBase-T

File (NFS, SMB, AFP), Object (S3-API, S3-Host, Cloudsync), Block (iSCSI, Cinder, VAAI), FTP

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