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Sasquatch® Combined SDS Solutions

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Immutable Storage - A must have in your data protection arsenal

Storage for Machine Learning and AI workloads - Simplify and automate big data analytics

Persistent storage for scalable bare-metal Kubernetes - deploy containers at scale

Notarised files and documents - Blockchain technology is making it happen

Peace of mind in case of a disaster - Architect High Availability environments with iSCSI, Fibre Channel and NFS, SMB (CIFS) client protocols

Sasquatch - Software-defined Solutions

The solutions

Choose from the list of certified ISVs RNT is partnering with and your data will be highly available, functionally rich, flexible, and accessible with almost no latencies.

Sasquatch® SDS HyperStore® Cluster powered by Cloudian®

The only object storage platform 100% compatible with Amazon S3 protocol.

To go cloud or not to go cloud is no longer the only option. With Sasquatch® SDS HyperStore® Cluster you can easily go hybrid and take your business to new heights with a secure, flexible and highly resilient object storage cluster built to your needs.

Sasquatch powered by Cloudian

Sasquatch®‌ SDS HyperStore®‌ Cluster is ideal for any business with a need to consolidate its unstructured data to have both objects and files in a unique and custom-built storage pool at a low cost per GB. Further for any business running capacity-intensive workloads and a need for fully S3-compatible storage.


S3-compatible and Hybrid/Multi-Cloud ready
The industry’s highest interoperability with leading public cloud platforms

German engineering excellence
Enterprise grade hardware optimised for the software that’s running on it

GEO replication
making sure your data is highly available and always on also in case of a disaster

Multi tenancy
Supports multiple users and applications and lets you control access to users’ data

Sasquatch® SDS Cyber Infrastructure Cluster powered by Acronis®

Improving productivity and delivering on promises

Create a universal and scalable IT infrastructure solution that provides software-defined block, file, and object storage. Sasquatch® Cyber Infrastructure Cluster is a highly redundant universal storage solution built to provide concurrent services such as cloud backup and storage, NFS and iSCI for databases and virtual machines.

Sasquatch®‌ Cyber Infrastructure Cluster is ideal for Data Centres and xSPs who want and need a true universal storage solution that scales-out and addresses a variety of use cases including saving rackspace. Further for any business looking for highest capacity and compute power as well as seamless integration with the Acronis® Cyber Cloud product suite.


Safeguard your data
even if a node fails with erasure coding and data-at-rest AES-256 encryption

Ensure data authenticity
Ensure data authenticity leveraging state-of-the-art blockchain technology

Integrated Acronis® Backup-Gateway

Ideal performance
due to integrated SSD caching, automatic load balancing and RDMA/InfiniBand support

Sasquatch® SDS Datacenter File System powered by Quobyte®

Designed with machine learning in mind

The days when any kind of low-latency and high-throughput workloads within a single system used to present distinct storage challenges are over. Sasquatch® SDS Datacenter File System unifies file, block and object storage and provides you with optimal storage performance and space efficiency which is truly tailored to match your workloads.

Sasquatch®‌ SDS Datacenter File System is ideal for any business seeking to run scale-out production workloads such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing, and more. Further for any company using enterprise and scientific applications requiring low-latency and high-throughput workloads.


Parallel I/O
delivers unrivalled throughput

Broad platform support
S3, Linux, NFSW, Windows and Hadoop are covered

Deployment flexibility
Easily span Machine Learning workloads from data centre to cloud to edge

No more data siloes
All data stays within the same file system at each stage and is thus available for subsequent iterations of learning

Sasquatch® SDS ZFS Variety powered by open-e Jovian DSS

Top choice for data storage, back-up and business continuity

Sasquatch®‌ SDS ZFS Variety is a ZFS- and Linux-based high-density platform that allows you keep up with the needs of your business and rapidly deploy enormous quantities of storage. No need to say that highest data reliability and integrity is guaranteed for efficient data storage,
protection and recovery.

Sasquatch®‌ SDS ZFS Variety is ideal for Data Centres and data-rich enterprises running intensive virtualisation workloads and higher density server configurations. Optimally designed for managed service providers, independent software vendors and resellers who manage resources on behalf of their end customers. Further for any business looking for a unified NAS and SAN solution with thin provisioning, compression and deduplication.


Unlimited number of snapshots and clones
Greatly simplifying back-up, replication and data recreation in case of accidental deletes, viruses and other malicious attacks

Data compression
Minimising storage capacity usage reduces TCO

Tiered RAM and SSD cache
Speeding up access to frequently accessed files makes performance even greater

Unlimited options
Supports iSCSI, FC and NFS as well as SMB (CIFS) client protocols

Sasquatch® SDS Flash Distributed Storage powered by StorPool Storage®

Best-in-class data storage solution for your high-performance public or private cloud.

Sasquatch® SDS Flash Distributed Storage combines the best of both worlds by pairing our BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash 1/20 with the StorPool Storage® distributed block storage software. The result is a storage solution that delivers hundreds of thousands of IOPS with sub 0.2 millisecond latency. Scale online in capacity and performance by simply adding more servers or drives, without impacting your primary storage services.

Sasquatch®‌ SDS Flash Distributed Storage is ideal for xSPs who need all-flash performance and seamless scaling of their production systems. Further for web hosting companies who want to build cost effective shared hosting platforms that are highly available, reliable, and fast.

Optimally designed for enterprises who have to maximise the productivity they get from business-critical applications running in their private clouds to stay competitive. Fully equipped with n ew-age IT stacks – containers managed with Kubernetes, SaaS applications, GPU-powered AI/ML workloads.


Performance consistency
The speed of the solution is maintained irrespective of storage utilisation, while the cluster is rebalancing after a storage drive or server gets added, or even when a drive or server is being rebuilt after replacement.

End-to-end data integrity
The most thorough algorithms on the market ensure that the data you put into the storage system is the data you get back, irrespective of hardware or software mishaps that could occur during writing or over time.

Always online
Powered by a storage software which does everything online – updates, upgrades, hardware replacements, and more.

Focus on your business with the peace of mind that the foundation of your infrastructure is running soundly. We take care of deploying, tuning monitoring, maintaining, and managing your storage system.

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