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Tormenta® Core & Store brings a refreshing breeze of change to your data centre

Built with a passion to elevate your business.

Don’t call it legacy

A new climatic, economic and technological volatility hits our digital society. To avoid an emerging gap between what IT systems need to do and what they can actually do requires re-thinking rigid server and storage systems. Modern IT infrastructures are hybrid; they span cloud, colocation, on-premise, and edge.

Tormenta® Core & Store is our server with storage portfolio composed of an innovative and flexible design that addresses the current and future needs of your business. Take the pieces you want now and simply adapt the specs when new technologies emerge, or you’re adding more services and applications. This is a simple way to protect our environment, reduce electronic waste and extend the lifetime of your hardware.

Be sustainable, stay flexible

Climate and sustainability topics are a priority to us and start at the hardware level. The Tormenta® Core & Store Family is a sustainable modular platform with an extended lifetime and optimal density. Benefit from less power and cooling because inside your Varioscaler is only what you actually need. Your Mini-DC is a multi-talent and puts compute and storage power into one single box. Reduce electronic waste by simply adding components on the fly for more performance or capacity instead of buying a complete new device. Or, go all-in-one to spare valuable resources.

Personalised to meet your individual requirements

We’re even going beyond a classical custom-build where standard building blocks are simply put together. Tormenta® Core & Store starts from the chassis itself and we’re only using enterprise-grade components for high workloads and optimal performance. Inside each novel design chassis are only the boards, disks, CPUs, memory, and network interfaces you need to get the job done.

Get a new level of flexibility, sustainability, and quality you’ve hardly seen before. Let’s play along and challenge the system for better business outcomes.

Meet the members of Tormenta® Core & Store!

Tormenta VarioScaler

Tormenta® VarioScaler

Modular servers provide a new level of flexibility, sustainability, and quality.

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53F Yowie Appliance

Tormenta® Mini DC

Compact, powerful, and cool - the smart way.

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Excellent product design does not fall from heaven but requires careful planning and execution. We’re always ahead of technology trends and have gained a lot of expertise and experience in this field.

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