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RNT Integrated All-Flash Storage

An intelligent and native all-flash storage portfolio that provides a highly performant and highly reliable end-to-end NVMe architecture that excels in cost-per-capacity comparisons. Large throughput and low latency are guaranteed and put an end to business inhibitors like inconsistent performance or unplanned disruptions.

Configure your system in three simple steps via a user-friendly management interface and have your storage resources ready within 5 minutes. Benefit from built-in software intelligence and get 365-day capacity trends or 60-day performance bottleneck predictions to always be ahead of the game.

RNT Integrated All-Flash Storage S

Storage All Flash S Sasquatch

RNT Integrated All-Flash Storage S – An easy-to-use and cost-effective all-flash storage system built for SMBs.

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RNT Integrated All-Flash Storage M

Storage All Flash M Sasquatch

RNT Integrated All-Flash Storage M – Our midrange storage portfolio is built for SMEs with virtualisation and enterprise application requirements.

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RNT Integrated Hybrid Flash Storage

Hybrid flash storage came to life when it was about time to put an end to the debate about whether cost or performance is more important. By converging SSDs and HDDs we’re simply providing the best of both worlds.

A converged compute and storage resource pool provides greater flexibility and accelerates universal storage needs. The built-in heterogeneous virtualisation function eliminates storage siloes by integrating 3rd party storage arrays into a unified resource pool. for automated service orchestration and helps your core applications to evolve to the cloud.

RNT Hybrid Flash Storage S

hybrid-Storage Hybrid Flash S Sasquatchflash-s-sasquatch

RNT Hybrid Flash Storage S – An entry-level hybrid flash storage system built to supercharge performance and application efficiency.

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RNT Hybrid Flash Storage M

Storage Hybrid Flash M Sasquatch

RNT Hybrid Flash Storage M – Our midrange hybrid flash storage portfolio is designed to provide agile service deployments.

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