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“Having a good idea is one thing, but persuading other people to buy it is quite another. Good inventors are polymaths: they think with their hands and their brains. They’re experts in design, engineering, and business.”
– Sir James Dyson

Sharing our knowledge – RNT Whitepapers

The world of IT has become quite complex and will continue to do so. There’s nothing we can do about it. However in order to master this complexity in our digital age, we’re building on the wisdom of our team and successfully combine the knowledge of many every single day. Each of our specialists has expert knowledge in specific areas and is happy to share this expertise in an easy-to-digest way. Have a look at the selection of whitepapers which will hopefully provide useful insights and enable you to pick the optimal solution for your use case without falling for marketing traps. Enjoy the read!

Object-Storage und S3 für den Mittelstand

A modern protocol for a modern digital world!

Object Storage and S3

Object storage, Amazon S3, cloud storage, hybrid cloud - so many technical terms are buzzing around. What's this all about? Gain more insights into why object storage and S3 are ideal for storing, managing, and analysing our modern and therefore unstructured datasets securely and cost-effectively in a collaborative cloud environment. After reading this whitepaper, we hope that you're now also convinced that this is not only a technology for large companies, but also an affordable and very beneficial solution for data volumes in the lower terabyte (TB) range.

Whitepaper Objekt Storage and S3

Whitepaper Immutable Storage

Your last line of defense - Immutable Storage

Immutable storage

Not fit for purpose? The digital age requires a fresh and extended view of the definition of immutable storage. Because what's been clearly defined in the old days is now becoming a bit blurry.

Whitepaper Immutable Storage