BigFoot Storage

Breaking the mold with personalised Storage

BigFoot® HDD or BigFoot® Flash

It’s all about data management

Do you still think standard Storage solutions are fine because there’s no alternative? We don’t. Fast access to data is more important than ever but not every standard storage solution is optimised for the applications and services you need for your company’s success. It doesn’t have to be like that because the alternative is called BigFoot® Storage Systems.

Reducing complexity and cost

We understand that the ongoing digital transformation journey requires flexible storage solutions that support multiple platforms and protocols. BigFoot® Storage Storage Systems are always one step ahead and offer unlimited connectivity and high scalability. Manage, protect, and share your data in an agile and flexible way at a low cost per GB.

3 Storage tierings in one single box

BigFoot® Storage Solutions are breaking the mold and give you great density as well as lots of compute power with only those hand-selected quality components you need for your business. BigFoot® is more than just building blocks. It’s your personalised storage solution built to handle all your hot and back-up data, archives, caching, or even the toughest storage requirements you can think of. Inside each box are only those hand-selected enterprise-quality components that are the perfect fit for your storage scenario.

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Case Study

waiput-tv-DE relies on Seagate Mach.2 storage technology in combination with BigFoot® Storage XXLarge storage systems from RNT Rausch.

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Meet the RNT BigFoot® Storage Family!

BigFoot XXLarge Front

BigFoot® HDD

BigFoot® XXLarge is fitting all requirements and every budget with a need to lower storage TCO while giving you a highly flexible and scalable platform.

Details BigFoot HDD
BigFoot Flash Front

BigFoot® Flash

When every microsecond counts and the need for speed is a business imperative BigFoot® Storagesystem Flash gives you more than 1 million IOPS tuned to your needs.

Details BigFoot Flash

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