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At RNT Rausch, we live and breathe technology. Our drive as a pioneer in the IT industry is to significantly shape the evolution of the traditional server and storage industry.

In doing so, we can rely on a strong and continuously growing network of leading manufacturers who have been working with us as equals for many years. You can easily verify this because when you open a personalised server or storage system from us, you will find only high-quality enterprise-class components that are compatible with products and solutions from leading manufacturers and ISVs.

A key part of our daily business is transforming your customised hardware platform into a full-fledged solution. Whether it’s immutable storage or full S3 compatibility, we have the expertise and the right partners on our side. Our technology partners, including leading ISVs, enable you to benefit from artificial intelligence, realise multi- or hybrid-cloud strategies, and increase productivity and customer satisfaction in your company.

If you prefer standard servers or storage from renowned providers like Supermicro, Asus, Gigabyte, Tyan and others, you are also in the best hands with RNT Rausch. Through our technology partnerships, we can offer you exclusive terms and competitive prices.
Discover the advantages of our partnerships and let us shape your technological future together!

Through direct communication and short paths with RNT Rausch, our customers always benefit from the best components and customized solutions.

Isabell Kraft, Procurement Manager at RNT and expert in IT component procurement

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RNT is a pioneer in the server and storage industry. We build for you personalised Server and Storage systems, powerful Storage solutions, and scalable standard solutions from leading suppliers. You’ll get optimised Cloud services from us, too. Close the loop and add complementary consultancy services for the perfect system integration to make the digitalisation of your business a success.