Yowie® = Simplicity-as-a-Service

Yowie goes beyond traditional storage architectures

Our definition of the New Normal is to equip you with ready-to-go turnkey enterprise-grade solutions that are up and running in less than 30 minutes and do not require highly qualified IT experts to get started. Here’s all you need to do when your Yowie appliance arrives:

  • Unbox
  • Rack and cable it up
  • Connect to a monitor
  • Power on
  • Run the installation wizard
  • Get a cup of coffee or focus on tasks that are relevant to your business

‘What you see is what you’ll get’ (WYSIWYG). There are no hidden costs and you can stop paying for features you don’t need. Choose between 3-years or 5-years support plans for both hardware and software. Only call one number when you need our help. Keep your IT budget under control and get one price for hardware, software licensing, and support.

Yowie appliances are a critical line in your security defenses and replace the complex siloed architectures of the past. Enjoy a ransomware-free future even without being a security expert.

Product brochure Yowie family (PDF)

Whitepaper Object Storage and S3

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Our whitepaper explains why object storage and S3 are modern protocols for a modern digital world and a must in our digital age. All benefits do also apply to smaller data volumes in the TB range because data is and will remain the most valuable asset for any successful company.

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Whitepaper Object-Storage und S3 für den Mittelstand
Lösung Yowie Appliance

Yowie cares about SMBs and small office environments

Business data is very important no matter if you're running a small operation or a global corporation. Yowie Appliances are more than just a bunch of drives with a RAID controller. These solutions provide enterprise-grade protection and data management features only a big corporation could afford to the SMB and small office environments.

The Yowie Appliance Family is setting new standards at both the hardware and software level and enables all businesses and organisations with data volumes starting from 2TB to get more bang for the buck. Do you want a solution that protects your data against ransomware and other cyber threats while also giving you options for a solid disaster recovery strategy? The Yowie Appliance family is here for you!

Solution Description Yowie and PoINT Storage Manager [PDF]

Yowie 1100-series

Yowie 1100 Serie

How about data recovery when a disaster strikes?

The entry-level model of the Yowie Appliance Family starts with a useable capacity from only 2TB and provides you with all benefits of Cloudian® HyperStore® including object lock to make your storage immutable. The Yowie 1100-series are single node appliances with 2 disks but no built-in redundancy. They are ideal and affordable on-premise systems for branch offices or home office workstations that are regularly synchronized with an external storage system. Learn more about ideal use case scenarios and all the other great benefits of the Yowie 1100-series powered by Cloudian.

More info about the Yowie 1100-series

Yowie 1200-series

Yowie 1200 Serie

How much is your data worth?

The Yowie 1200-series are single node appliances with 6 hot-swappable HDDs and 2 SSDs starting from 8TB useable capacity. SMBs and branch office environments are now also a target for ransomware attacks and having a solid disaster recovery strategy in place is more important than ever. Powered by Cloudian Hyperstore the Yowie 1200-series can stop cybercriminals from encrypting your backup data which is making ransomware ineffective. Having a clean backup available onsite allows you to recover your critical data within minutes or hours, not days or weeks even if the lights are out. You won’t have to pay a ransom for accessing your own data either. Learn more about ideal use cases and all the other great benefits of the Yowie 1200-series powered by Cloudian.

More info about the Yowie 1200-Series

Yowie 5300-series

Have you seen 5 nodes in 3U before?

Yowie 5300-series is the solution of choice when you are looking for rock-solid protection at both the hardware and software levels. Erasure Coding that accommodates 5 individual nodes in just 3U, providing the highest density possible. Thanks to its novel chassis design, Yowie 5300 appliances can tolerate 2 nodes failing at the same time, and your data is still available to read. Start small with initial deployments from only 32TB useable capacity and expand non-disruptively by just adding another appliance to your cluster. With the Yowie 5300-series you’re spoilt for choice because every business is different:

Yowie 53H HDD appliances

  • Built for simplicity, density, and cost-effectiveness
  • Powered by Cloudian® Hyperstore® or Acronis®Cyber Infrastructure
Yowie 5300H Serie

Yowie 53F all-flash appliances

  • Built for use cases when every microsecond counts and the need for speed is a business imperative
  • Powered by Cloudian® Hyperstore® or Acronis®Cyber Infrastructure
Yowie 5300F Serie

Yowie with Cloudian® or Acronis®

Learn more about ideal use cases and all the other great benefits of the Yowie 5300-series powered by Cloudian or powered by Acronis