Waipu TV

Stream and save movies without interruption and at any time

Media library in the cloud

Streaming is all the rage – and the global pandemic gave it yet another boost. EXARING AG operates one of the top media libraries in the cloud: waipu.tv is one of the market leaders for internet TV and entertainment platforms in Germany with more than 3 million users.

Besides classical TV programmes waipu.tv customers can access a variety of comfortable add-ons. This includes recording, pausing, and resuming movies and series, among many other options. waipu.tv also offers the biggest pay TV offering in Germany which includes a huge media library with over 50,000 movies and series on demand.

To handle the large amounts of data generated by retrieving and storing millions of digital movies and series, Exaring relies on BigFoot® Storage XXLarge systems from RNT. These highly performant storage systems are equipped with the fastest hard drives in the world: Exos 2X14 Dual-Actuator-Hard-Drives with MACH.2-Technology from Seagate. Together they deliver a disruption-free streaming and TV experience at a highly competitive price.

Case study waipu.tv
Waipu TV

Doubling hard drive performance without doubling the price...

... with the fastest hard drive in the world. Seagate Exos 2X14 dual actuator hard drives with Mach.2 technology double the IOPS performance of a single hard drive by using two independent actuators that can transfer data to the host computer simultaneously. They offer the highest drive performance – IOPS, throughput, reduced latency - and are ideal for data-intensive applications in combination with a BigFoot XXL storage system.

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