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Sports technology specialist SPORTEC SOLUTIONS has launched its new Video-Assist-Technology in the German Premier Football Leagues (1. und 2. Bundesliga) – with rolling data centres from RNT Rausch.

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The use of video assist technology is still a hot and highly emotional topic for many passionate football fans. For this reason alone, all server systems must be highly available and fast in order to process huge amounts of data in real time and thus with minimal latency. To make this happen, sports technology specialist Sportec Solutions AG joined forces with technology pioneer RNT Rausch GmbH. In just six months the experts designed, built, tested, and deployed brand new server and storage systems in the VAC as well as twelve self contained mobile data centres.

Sportec’s Video-Assist-Technology is replacing a mature predecessor product which has been up and running successfully for five years. As a main prerequisite for a smooth deployment of the new technology, the old hardware had to be replaced or redeployed in both the central Video Assist Centre (VAC) in Cologne and all Bundesliga stadiums across Germany. This rollout had to take place during the summer off-season which left a short time window of only four weeks for implementing and testing.

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At the first time

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) got introduced to the league during season 2017/2018 and has been continuously developed further on both the technical as well as professional side. Since the current season 2022/2023 all stadiums are equipped with the latest and greatest goal-line and video-assist technologies to take fair play to the next level in professional football. Thus, by matchday 25, a total of 80 interventions by the video assistant led to 74 correct interventions by the referee on the pitch.

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