Optimised Storage forSecure Backup & Archiving 2.0

Tier and manage data intelligently

Data is the new oil and volumes continue to grow. Time to re-think storage strategies in hybrid cloud environments to tackle the challenges:

  • Optimal security and ransomware protection
  • Targeted and optimised recovery procedures
  • Data sovereignty and compliance
  • Cost control and egress fee mitigation
  • Intelligent data management
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Tier your data!

Use storage resources efficiently and optimise workflows

The more data volumes grow the more important storage tiers become.

  • Performance tier > Flash storage
  • Capacity tier > HDD Storage
  • Archive tier > Tape

Yowie Immutable Storage Appliances powered by Cloudian Hyperstore are enterprise-grade yet ready-to-go turnkey solutions and an ideal capacity tier. With the integrated and unique Installation Wizard you can have your immutable object storage solution up and running in less than 30 minutes. Yowie Immutable Storage Appliances are the last line of defence in your data protection arsenal and bring flexibility, highest security standards, and cloud-native capabilities to all companies that are dealing with smaller data volumes.

Immutable Storage Troubleshooter

Optimised Backup and Data Protection

PoINT Software & Systems specialises in software products for storing, managing and archiving data on all available storage technologies and systems. The combination of Yowie Immutable Storage Appliances and software products from PoINT makes your backup and archiving solution complete and efficient.

PoINT Archival Gatway Logo

PoINT Archival Gateway 4.0 is a tape-based S3 object storage offering on-prem Glacier for tape storage. The software solution supports a wide range of tape library products.

PoINT Store Manager Logo

Let PoINT Storage Manager relieve your primary storage through automated file tiering within a multi-tier storage environment. Define your own rules and find important information as quickly as usual.

Use Cases

Immutable S3 Storage for Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1 with Yowie Appliances, PoINT Archival Gateway 4.0, and Tape

Combine the benefits of disk and tape for your Veeam backup

With Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1, the options for integrating different types of object storage systems as backup targets have been significantly expanded. Specifically, object storage can now be configured in all tiers of a Veeam backup repository . Now, the Archive Tier supports tape-based on-premises storage systems that are compatible with AWS S3 Glacier.

Information Lifecycle Management with PoINT Storage Manager and Yowie Immutable Storage Appliances

Manage data intelligently and free up primary storage capacity


If you still think that Big Data and managing the ongoing data growth intelligently is only applicable to large data volumes, think again. Data volumes in the Terabyte (TB) range must be stored just as securely, legally compliant, and cost-efficiently. The combination of PoINT Storage Manager and Yowie appliances provides a game changing solution for storage management from the single-digit TB range up to Petabytes and beyond. Meet archiving and compliance requirements and deploy a secure, flexible, and scalable solution that is also suitable for smaller budgets.

Benefits and mastering the challenges

Optimal security

Fortify data and protect against encryption through ransomware with modern immutable storage combined with object lock and an air-gap

Optimise recovery

Speed up recovery procedures with on-prem storage and air-gapped data

Data sovereignty

Keep control of your data and stay compliant with data governance

Cost control

No more costly surprises with unpredictable ingest, egress and transaction fees and other unnecessary expenses

Intelligent data management

Put your data where it needs to be and tap the potential of different storage tiers for a business protection that's simply the best

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