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Server and storage systems

The heart of every business is data. That’s why we make sure that your pulse stays calm: Rausch Netzwerktechnik provides different server and storage systems that meet all requirements regarding performance, scalability and security. We thereby ensure that many application scenarios in data centers as well as in organizations can be covered.

Latest technologies of established business partners, a quick Return-on-Invest as well as high-quality and tailor-made consultancy of our team will help to reach your goal!

BigFoot storage systems

BigFoot – Storage on the trail of endless capacity and superior performance

The idea: There should be a storage system that is versatile in many different fields of application, providing almost endless storage capacity for data and application and still is working lightweight and fast because of a flexible processing power.

Rausch Netzwerktechnik turned this idea into the BigFoot product family. Those, in the meantime five basic configurations can be used as Database Servers, Enterprise Storage Servers, Nearline Storage, as a Virtual Tape Library for long-term archiving or for Cloud Computing as well as for Big Data.

Convincing due performance and cost – this and much more the BigFoot family can do!

Tormenta Megacore Bladesystem

Tormenta: Mega-Performance at minimum cost!
Dedicated servers, cloud platforms and high-performance computing require enormous amounts of space and electricity in order to perform their tasks reliably and without interruption. This results in high costs of operation. The Tormenta Megacore Bladesystem heralds a new era!

160 Cores, 640 GB RAM and 80 TB HDD in 2 RUs – these are the impressive performance values of Tormenta! The blade system in the smallest of spaces is supplied with the latest Intel 8-core server CPUs. Each module comes fully equipped as well: two 2,5" drive bays, ECC RAM, VGA-, USB-, serial-, IPMI- and two 1GB/s-interfaces are supplied as standard. The Tormenta Megacore Bladesystem from Rausch Netzwerktechnik gives you a complete package in a compact amount of space.

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