"We are convinced that problems such as poverty and hunger can only be solved sustainably through education. That is why it must be available to everyone all over the world. With RNT Education we are doing our part to make this happen."

Sebastian Nölting, CEO of RNT

School construction in the Dominican Republic

Those who want to fight poverty must promote education. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to building a school in Los Maranitos in the Dominican Republic. From the first cornerstone to the last piece of chalk, we accompany the project to give the children of the region a chance to afford a better life thanks to education.

Project Partner

Entrepreneurs for Knowledge


49.000,00 €




2 classrooms & 2 bathrooms

Project implementation

Almost every day, more than 100 children and young people in Los Maranitos set off on a 45 minute walk through rough terrain to get to school. When it rains, however, the gates there remain closed just as they do in the summer months. Instead, the kids go to work to earn money for the family.

With the construction of the new school, RNT Education is creating a solution: A place for future-proof education throughout the year is being created right on the doorstep, with sanitary facilities, running water, a kitchen and more. In addition to the basic education for the young residents, the adults will also be able to participate, for example with environmental education, technology lessons or seminars on leadership qualification. In total, about 1,000 people benefit: the children of Los Maranitos, their relatives and all those who will get a new job as a result of the school construction.

Partnership beyond storage systems
After the start of the project we quickly received valuable support: The Acronis Cyber Foundation brings in 25 percent of the total costs for the school construction in addition to its experience! Thanks a lot!



Support us in helping children from the Dominican Republic to a better future through education.


Further projects
Our commitment in Ettlingen

Education is also an important topic in our home country of Germany but it does has its weaknesses. It is not uncommon for states, municipalities and individual schools to lack technological equipment. Children and young people are not always being taught vital future-oriented subjects, often only acquiring technical and programming skills of their own accord.

Digitisation and IT are more than just RNT's passion. They are essential pillars of our future society, that's why we promote the interest and skills of students right on our doorstep. Thanks to the donation of Arduino and Calliope sets, four schools in Ettlingen now have the opportunity to encourage young IT talent at an early age to build vital skills for the future. We will continue to expand this commitment in the future and will support many more schools in the region in this way.