Data security as hot, warm or cold storage clusters

The Sasquatch® SDS | Acronis Cloud Storage is based on the newest Acronis Storage 2.0 software. We are one of the first to offer this solution based on our BigFoot® Storage XXLarge.

The system

The platform is ideally suited as a storage cluster for backup in the cloud but also as data storage for database applications. Performance is increased through the use of caching SSDs and journaling SSDs.

A more reliable cluster with Erasure Coding 3+2 is built using 5 nodes. The cluster can be extended at any time in ongoing operation up to the exabyte range. The management is undertaken on an intuitive web interface.

The backup-as-a-service cloud operated by Acronis is based on the BigFoot® Storage XXLarge.


  • Innovative web GUI
  • Simple set-up in only 5 minutes
  • Highest data security and availability
  • Data auto-tiering and SSD caching
  • Automatic load and data balancing
  • Amazon S3 integration and highly-available iSCSI storage
  • Block chain technology for data that cannot be manipulated



  • Storage for file (NFS), block (iSCSI), object data (S3) and Acronis Backup Gateway
  • For frequently and rarely used data (hot / cold data)
  • A single storage cluster for all workloads
  • Multiple storage levels possible
  • Intelligent redundancy and overhead management
  • Highly available iSCSI LUNs
  • High performance
  • Multipath support
  • Unlimited scalability Terabytes up to Petabytes
  • Ideal for applications such as: Open-Xchange, Acronis Files Cloud or other Enterprise File Sync & Share applications