Highly scalable and high-performance software storage

Quobyte converts standard servers into a robust and highly automated storage system. The core is formed from a parallel, distributed file system that supports all workloads.

The system

From the classical file system applications in HPC via filer and archive storage to high-performance block memories for virtual machines and databases, the Quobyte software combined with hardware from RNT Rausch ensures the highest performance level. Data integrity is ensured thanks to the thorough checksum process, replication and erasure coding. From a local mount point for Linux or Windows, NFS, HDFS or S3 Quobyte delivers storage performance. Starting with four nodes the Quobyte solution scales up horizontally to data centre size and easily overcomes hardware failures thanks to integrated error tolerance.


  • Common availability of data via interfaces (NFS, HDFS, S3)
  • High performance, highly available and massively scalable
  • Policy-based data distribution for flexible partitioning, insulation and tiering
  • Monitoring and automation for simple management via web console or command line



  • Highly scalable parallel POSIX file system
  • Redundancy due to Quorum replication and Erasure coding
  • Highest data security and availability
  • Data and ACLS are available loss-free via all interfaces
  • Policy-based data distribution
  • OpenStack Cinder/Swift/Manila/Keystone Integration
  • Container-ready for Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker
  • UI, API, Device Management and Monitoring