Enterprise Storage with all ZFS Features

Open-e JovianDSS is a ZFS and Linux-based data storage software designed specifically for enterprise-scale storage environments.

The System

With its special features, the product offers the highest level of data reliability and integrity, and is suitable for enterprise users looking for a unified NAS and SAN solution with thin provisioning, compression and deduplication. Open-e JovianDSS uses shared storage, providing unlimited capabilities for building HA storage environments. Whether as a single node, as a virtualized HA setup or as a big-data cluster, the solution is reliable, performant and scalable.


  • High availability with active-active- and active-passive-failover
  • Thin- and over-provisioning
  • Inline-deduplication and compression
  • Unlimited Snapshots and Clones



  • Metrocluster
  • Asyncronous replication for Disaster Recovery
  • ZFS with all features
  • iSCSI, NFS, SMB and Fibrechannel
  • SSD Caching for read and write cache
  • userfriendly Webmanagement
  • Optional Active/Active or Active/Passive