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Technical performance that fits your business goals

Like the famous variously coloured interlocking plastic bricks, Tormenta® VarioScaler gives you almost unlimited flexibility. This is ensured by its well thought-out modular architecture.

Mix and match the desired number of standard components like mainboards, power supplies, drives, CPU, and more from market leading quality suppliers and have them mounted in a scalable chassis design with lots of mounting points.

Start from 1U and scale up to 3U by adding components at your own pace just as you like.

Tormenta® VarioScaler is ideal for

Data Centres and Cloud Service Providers who want best performance and need versatile servers suitable for any platform and any application

Any business looking for scalable servers that adopt to the current environment and do not need to be replaced when new technologies emerge, or more services and applications get added


Quality beats quantity
Without paying a premium

German engineering excellence
Because our brain’s always on

Modular architecture
Freedom of choice

Get your business where it needs to go
No need to change the system

Extended lifecycle
Don’t call it legacy after 5 years

TCO optimised
Perfect balance of value, lifetime and performance

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