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When size does matter – Highest capacity and compute power in the world’s shortest chassis

Storage specifications vary a lot and standard storage products cannot be fine-tuned that easily to keep up with your business needs. Bigfoot® Storage XXLarge is made of standard components from market leading quality suppliers and lets you build your nodes to what you need.

BigFoot® Storage XXLarge does not only comprise of one of the shortest chassis in the world with only 750mm depth. It also has twice the amount of hard drives per 1U giving you up to 48 disks and space for 12 SSDs in a single 4U chassis. Add one or more controllers and CPUs of your choice and here comes your unique custom-made BigFoot® XXL Storage at a very competitive cost per GB price point.

BigFoot® XXLarge is fitting all requirements and every budget with a need to lower storage TCO while giving you a highly flexible and scalable platform that adapts your business growth with simplicity and perfection.

BigFoot® Storage XXL is ideal for

Data Centres, web hosters and xSPs who want high density storage server configurations and large storage pools to scale-out cloud customers and offer compelling back-up and VDI solutions

Any business requiring compute-intensive applications that involve big data, AI and virtualisation workloads


Highest density in one of the world’s shortest chassis
A waste of space is expensive

Keep up with your business needs
Deploy expandable storage capacity as you grow

German engineering excellence
You speak, we listen and build it for you in no time

Lowering TCO
Scalable storage at competitive cost per GB price point

All in one and one for all
One device for all storage scenarios

Enough is never enough
Give your data the widest space available in 4U

Tech Specs

Make it even bigger – attach BigFoot® Storage JBOD XXL


If your BigFoot® Storage Server XXLarge requires even more compute power and more capacity, it’s time to add just another bunch of disks. BigFoot® Storage JBOD XXL is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to add capacity and give you faster access times.

Tech Specs

Get started in 3 simple steps

Pair your BigFoot® Storage XXL with software

Software defined storage for volume that fits perfectly! With the right software combined with powerful hardware, we make the perfect solution that can be used for almost any purpose and tailored to individual requirements.