Yowie® Storage Appliances

5 nodes in a single 3 U device


Yowie® storage appliances are challenging the traditional storage industry and go beyond common standards with 5 nodes and 3+2 erasure coding in a single 3U device.

Storage Design Excellence
Yowie® storage appliances are an intelligent re-design of industry standard enterprise components in futuristic custom chassis with pre-installed state-of-the-art software.

Expedite the density, compute power and performance you need to deliver fast, secure and uninterrupted storage for any business needs.

High Availability
Cut through the optimisation of highly available next-gen storage infrastructure resources with multiple independent nodes, 3+2 erasure coding and dual platinum grade power supplies.

Get enterprise grade storage infrastructure at entry level storage cost and stop paying for features you don’t need.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Yowie® storage appliances are ready-to-go turnkey solutions out of the box built to save power, cooling and rackspace and giving you more bang for the buck.

Yowie® storage appliances are ideal for

Small to medium sized businesses and enterprises who are looking for back-up, archive and highly available storage solutions with data volumes up to 150TB per location/branch office

Start-up companies with a tight IT budget and the need to invest in a cost efficient and scalable storage solution that avoids unused capacity trapped in siloes

Any business who want to stay ahead of digital transformation and have had enough of traditional storage systems built for the enterprise

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