AI, machine learning, DevOps, Big Data or IoT are only a few examples where every microsecond counts and the need for speed is a business imperative.

Yowie® 53F series addresses a broad range of storage challenges related to timely access to active data and lots of backwards and forward I/O.

We recommend Yowie® powered by Cloudian®when you look for a full S3-compatible storage solution.

Yowie® powered by Acronis® is your top pick when you need a true universal storage solution and wish to seamlessly integrate with the Acronis® .

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Consolidate your unstructured data to have both objects and files in a single, limitlessly scalable storage pool. Yowie®‌ powered by Cloudian®‌ is 100% S3-compatible and an intelligent enterprise grade storage solution that lets you go hybrid and takes your business to new heights. Yowie®‌ with pre-installed Cloudian®‌ HyperStore software provides you with a secure, flexible and highly resilient object storage cluster at low cost per GB.

Yowie® powered by Acronis® is a scale-out, and multi-purpose cyber protection solution combining universal storage and high-performance virtualisation. Yowie® with pre-installed Acronis® Cyber Infrastructure Platform represents a new generation of infrastructure solutions that can seamlessly be integrated with the Acronis® Cyber Cloud product suite.

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