Data Centre Design Excellence.

Precision - Reliable - Flexible

Analysis and advice

Whether an idea, tender or urgent project; 1 or 10,000 systems: RNT Rausch has the experience in standard and custom server and storage design to deliver your requirements.

Development and planning

RNT Rausch have 20 years of experience to find the most cost-effective designs, whether ‘off the shelf’ or custom designed. Working closely with you, we ensure your needs are fully integrated into the perfect solution.

Production and implementation

RNT Rausch build and implement across the globe, ensuring the "made in Germany" precision is delivered to your data centre; 250,000 solutions can’t be wrong.

Service and support

Service and support are critical to business continuity. RNT Rausch have a variety of options to ensure your systems are always available; from maintenance and support via system care to managed services and XaaS.

The ultimate business solutions

RNT Rausch knows that the cost effectiveness of a solution is critical to the success of business. We take a different view of design due to our impressive custom server and storage design skills. Our ability to combine ‘off the shelf’ servers and storage with equipment built specifically for your needs ensures the best return on your investment.

Businesses demand continuous access to systems and data; future proofing of IT operations to maintain the competitive edge; all delivered on a tight budget. RNT Rausch uses its long-standing relationships with the best hardware, software and IT component vendors to ensure your business needs are met, within budget.

Come and talk directly with the experts, see how they can transform your needs into effective business benefits.


Wenn unsere Kunden begeistert sind und das auch noch offen aussprechen, freut uns das und macht uns stolz.


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Dates, event notifications

  • September 12th – 17th, 2019
    IBC 2019 in Amsterdam
  • March 14th – 20th, 2020
    CloudFest 2020 at Europa-Park Rust, Germany